Paul Manziel's 32 Chevrolet Cabriolet

One day Paul Manziel tried to catch up to Ron when he saw the bare steel chop top. He told Ron he had been looking for a metal shaper and finisher for quite a while, but just didn't know who he was looking for. Once he saw the chop he said he had no other choice but to get our attention and have us put it back together for him.

Every panel on this 32 Cabrio had been smashed and needed our metal shaping expertise. The outside is just one step in this complete project, but it is completely bondo free and lead free.

We had to recreate the original wood frame, installed late model corvette rear suspension, and we are currently mocking up and fabricating the prototype installation pieces to install the Katech C5-R FIA GT1 racing engine from the GT1 Chevrolet Corvette race car. The engine is currently being dyno tuned, but here's the spec sheet.

This is reportedly one of three 32 Chevrolet Cabrios known to exist.