In 2001 I was metal finishing a 914 M 471 Porsche when some lunatic started pounding on my door. I went to the door to find a Sheriff and an old man with a 33 count warrant for my arrest. He asked for my driver’s license, my business license, and showed me a copy of the arrest warrant.

The old man that was with him kept saying, "That’s not him!

The police man and the old man disappeared. A couple of weeks later Don Garies appeared at my door, after recovering his "stolen Hebmuller 006". It was a terrible example of what was originally a Hebmuller.

Mr. Garies told me, "Don C. had done some work on the car and had filled the rotten frame rails with bondo and sprayed some paint on the car."

Next I learned that "Charles B. had taken the car from Don C., cut the front end off, removed the paint, and parked it outside during the rainy season."

I was told, "Charles B. had claimed to own my business, and had stolen 33 cars and motorcycles using my name."

After looking around my shop Mr. Garies left Hebmuller 006 with me.

We've started building an archive for this car once we found the floppy disks used in my ancient digital camera (some of which were DOA when we started trying to archive them this year).

We're having a hard time deciding which photos to use because of the amount of documentation. So we figured we'd try to show it in sections:

The original frame rails, after removal. We fabricated 1020AK .0125 heater channel bottoms with integral grade 8 nutserts. We had to do that before we could install the frame rails:

The factory vertical weld, from the license plate light to the handle hole:

More factory welds on both sides of the bead, and the weld connecting the very bottom piece in the depression:

Beginning to metal finish:

1/3 roughed in:

Right half roughed in, checking for fit:

Deck lid roughed in:

Checking fit:

Complete rear metal finished and acid washed:

Enjoyed the time guys.