Ned Cullen's Porsche 911 Race Car

Recently, at Texas World Speedway, this CVAR Porsche 911T was hit by a Lotus 7. To keep from adding unnecessary weight, metal finishing, as always, was the best choice. We removed the damaged area, reshaped it, reinstalled it, and metal finished it.

No Bondo, no lead, no bull.

We resprayed the affected area using single stage catalyzed urethane acrylic, and a clear coat was introduced to merely add a slight amount of yellow to match the overall car color.

We then repaired the shattered fiberglass bumper and painted it to match the original trim color.

Update 2/25/12
We went to see this Porsche race today, and we're back at square one, only this time the right side was smashed. We'll be adding more pictures to a new gallery once the car is in the shop and work has started. In the meantime you can scroll throw the slideshow, backwards, and see the damage done.