Gerald Jessup's BSA B50 Bike @ The Tin Wizard

Ron Hansen had the opportunity to help build a number of Gerald Jessup's race bikes. On this paticular bike, Ron performed much of the fabrication and finish work on this AHRMA racing dinosaur.

The Gold Star tank had been heavily damaged and needed straigtening, finishing, and polishing.

Ron also made the molds for the front and rear GRP fenders, and hand made exhaust megaphones that were developed in matched pairs.

The finished product took about a week and can been seen near the end of this gallery. Its the bike with the yellow #44 plate.

You can also see Ron (The Tin Wizard) and Gerald at speed week in a photo taken at Daytona speedweek in the early 90s.

The second image is a bit warped due to code that's currently being debugged.