Hey guys, this is Jason
At the time this 40 Ford chop was performed, I was wrapped up with a number of other jobs, but I managed to sneak in a few photos while Wiz was working. It took around 60 hours to plan, chop, and metal finish this monstrosity. Afterwards when he stood back and looked at the truck, he hated the window so he did a quick split (one of his favorite things). Wiz was a one man crew this go around.

The cuts were made in a fashion to simplify fitting, welding, and metal finishing.

With all the pieces clamped & tack welded, you can see the overall shape retains its integrity.

Some stretching was required across the nose, rendering a SWEET fit with the windshield frame.

The Tumblehome angle created a small problem that was easily corrected.

The cross weld is a ½” above the belt line.

Corners and cross weld metal finished

Wiz clipped the drip rails and gently flared the roof 3/16” for drainage.

Wiz also set the door gap at 3/16”.

Here’s that split window we talked about earlier.

Wiz did a number of things in preparation for chopping the 40 Ford:
1. Built A Post/Cross Member incorporating hidden hinges
2. Installed Rotary Latches
3. Closed the Cowl
4. Installed structure and floor pans
5. Installed Firewall
6. Hand formed and installed cab corners

Enjoyed the time,