This is one of our gentlemen's chops. This one happens to be a slant cut.

We did much more work to the car, but we wanted to show you guys the chop work itself. This project was completed back in 2005 with no body filler (no bondo, no lead, no bull). We actually had to rebuild the entire body frame work, using steel instead of wood, at customer's request.

If you guys have any questions feel free to post.

We had to strip search our archive to come up with these photos for you guys, and hope you enjoy.

This is one of our slant cut gentlemen's chops. We removed 2 1/2" from the front and 1 1/2" from the rear. We also split the back window:

We shrunk the top and stretched the bottom. This was, of course, welded GMAW short-arc at 50 amps DC. .023 ER70 filler metal was used. 75/25 gas 15 CFH. After the welds were leveled we metal finished both sides:

The three ribs were somewhat difficult to metal finish. The flat section turned out drop dead gorgeous:

You can see our weld is above the spot of factory installed lead:

We metal finished the posts, fabricated, and installed the lower door skin:

UPDATE 7/1/2012

We finally found these pictures after searching through our vintage photograph collection of past jobs.

The rest of the story:

A pair of reproduction fenders were provided by the owner, and of course they didn't fit the running boards that were provided by the same company. A bit of modification was required to make the two mate

The owner chose to swing the hood backwards. The hinges he bought would not work for what he wanted, and required major modification to do the job.

After a bit of manipulation, we finally had a nice fit on the hood.

We laid the raidator shell back at a slight angle, instead of using the stock vertical positioning. We had to modify the radiator shell so the hood would close properly.
You can really see the angle of the radiator in this picture.

Here we cut and shaped a piece to fill in the cowling, welded it in place, and finally metal finished it to perfection with no bondo, no lead. NO BULL

The bottom 3 inches was rusted away on both doors. We hand formed some 20 ga. ak1010, welded it and metal finished it.